About Us

Hi there, Nice to have you here! I’m Lisa, and I’m the woman behind the brand Prairie Girl The Label. PRAIRIEGIRL was born for a way to empower themselves with clothes. Clothing is a tool, I'll always believe that. Confidence comes from within, but it also comes from wearing something you KNOW you look good in. Let us help you find it! We pride ourselves on good old fashioned customer service. Located in small town Esterhazy, SK we know the importance of a big smile, firm handshake & a welcoming energy. We cant wait to welcome you through our shoppe doors whenever you get the chance to visit us! If you're far, I'm so glad you found our online shop!

The brand & shop has evolved enormously over the past 9 years. From our start in baby products to quickly adding the most loved and customer favourite the Prairie Path key ring. Now I bring you Prairie Girl The Label. Made for the everyday woman grown right here on the prairies. For the girl with her heart on her sleeve, the simple beauty, the woman who can & does do it all. Clothing & accessories that are stylish but comfortable, for you, for me, for all that we are.

We have recently expanded our brick and mortar shop space to include both sides of 410 main street. Have I mentioned I cant wait to welcome you into our sunny space! If I'm not in you'll be greeted by our amazing daytime or weekend staff including: Juli, Sandra, Cruz & Baylee

Thanks for visiting! SEE YOU SOON PRAIRIEGIRLS!