About Us

Hi there, Nice to have you here! I’m Lisa, and I’m the woman behind the brand Prairie Girl The Label. I always say ‘us’ or ‘we’ but truthfully this is a one woman operation. From sourcing to creating, book keeping to marketing and customer service it’s me! 

The brand has evolved enormously over the past 7 years. From our start in baby products to quickly adding the most loved and customer favourite the Prairie Path key ring. Now I bring you Prairie Girl The Label. Made for the everyday woman grown right here on the prairies. For the girl with her heart on her sleeve, the simple beauty, the woman who can & does do it all. A line that's stylish but comfortable, for you, for me, for all that we are.

Incase you want to know a little more about who I am, here it is; I'm local to small town Esterhazy, SK.  I’m a mom to two busy little fella’s, Jacob (8) and Sam (6) who keep me running constantly. I also have a heart that loves to give back. Whether volunteering time or donating, ask my husband (or maybe don’t), I give to as many organizations as I can. It’s a really simple way to fill that cup. It’s engrained into my DNA I swear, so why fight it. I've never met a stranger, but don't be offended if I don't remember your name. Im working on it but truthfully I'm the worst at remembering names. It doesn't mean I won't recognize your face at a market though! Meeting you is one of the highlights of my job, I love to connect and get to know you all. 

Thanks for visiting!